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International Human Rights Center of Excellence is committed to protection and promotion of human rights across the globe.

To remain fully independent, we do not apply for any funding and hence so far have been working on voluntary basis. However, time comes that we need assistance to maintain our online presence and work.

The amount that we spend in doing this is fairly minimal compared to any group, website or organization that claims to do anything not even close to ours. Many of such, apply for hundreds of thousands of dollars on yearly basis to have an office, buy unnecessary hardware, employ unskilled staff and pay for unnecessary costs such as cost of travel to conferences and events, paying for the cost of travel of people just to show up in their event to “make it look big” and finally “fill their empty pockets which otherwise would remain “empty”.

Such individuals, groups and organizations are bound to report only until and what does not threaten their sources of funding, political affiliations, and are the very root of fraud in human rights.

While we encourage you to help us with your donations small or big, we strongly discourage you to contribute to what they do in the name of human rights that endangers and ruins lives and generations.

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